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Pure Energy Bodywork  is committed to helping
clients and therapists improve health and wellness
through holistic bodywork.
Individual bodywork sessions are available,
as well as  instructional seminars.

Peggy Scott has over 30 years experience in
therapeutic bodywork and professional instruction.
She is a Registered Instructor & Advanced Practitioner
of Ortho-Bionomy, a Natural Therapeutic Specialist,
Certified Somatic Therapist, and Licensed Massage
Therapist who is also Nationally Certified in
Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork.

Peggy teaches workshops- educational opportunities for
  • interested lay people  
  • new bodywork therapists
  • seasoned therapists
As we come together to enhance our skills and
effectiveness, we enjoy healing interchanges amongst
which we bring to our clients.

Peggy Scott

Bodywork sessions are about honoring the inherent
wisdom of the person on the table, staying focused         
and in the moment, in an effort to co-create an
experience of  healing.
Sessions focus mostly on Ortho-Bionomy, often also
including Cranio-Sacral Therapy and Reflexology.
They include a variety of techniques including energy
work, positions of comfort, movement, cranial work, or
with referral points on the feet. Peggy combines aspects
of other restorative techniques such as healing touch,
polarity and asian bodywork.
Clients may request  a specific technique that they are
familiar with or wish to experience.
Peggy Scott, LMT
P.O. Box 24036, New Orleans, LA. 70184
for more information, please contact:

Peggy Scott, LMT#0145
Pure Energy Bodywork

P.O. Box 24036, New Orleans, LA. 70184
"I am committed to wholistic health care and the
development of extraordinary therapists.
Providing comprehensive, focused, and expert
instruction, I offer my experience with the
healing powers of touch therapy.
My goal is to inspire and empower you, whether
you are an experienced or novice therapist, as
you  grow, have fun, give and receive some
great bodywork;  returning home relaxed,
refreshed  and with new techniques to help your
friends, enliven your practice, and make your
work easier."

Peggy is a full time instructor in the Massage Therapy
program at Blue Cliff College in Metairie, La.
She maintains a private practice and teaches classes to
professional therapists as well as lay people, with the
motto "classes are always open to anyone with a sincere
interest in the healing arts".

Always evolving, Peggy is currently working toward
becoming an Advanced Instructor with the Society of
Ortho-Bionomy, International.

Ortho-Bionomy is a gentle, non-invasive
system of healing that reminds the body
of its natural ability to restore balance.
It helps people break the cycle of pain
without creating pain. Founded in the
martial arts and osteopathy, it gently
stimulates the body's reflexes using
gentle movements, brief compression and
subtle contact.
The simplicity of Ortho-Bionomy means
the practitioner and client can work
together in a somatic dialogue to
re-educate dysfunctional patterns,
working to restore normal functioning.
The result is a seemingly effortless pain
and tension relief, natural realignment,
and a deep sense of well- being.

The lecture will include some instruction.
Hope to see you there!